Pure Gold Tattoos and Piercings company

My name is Jennifer Lynn Wills. I’m 38 years old. I have dabbled in a few trades over the last 20 years but Body Piercing is the only one I continue to practice. I’ll never forget the day my Mother gently pushed my hair behind my ear to reveal I had pierced my ears all the way from lobe to cartilage. She was mortified! I knew my Mother would be upset with me but I really loved those ear piercings! I had no intentions of upsetting her but was well aware that when she found out she would not be pleased. I have been piercing friends since junior high and was professionally schooled at Fakir’s Academy, San Francisco in 1996. Today, I’m a seasoned Body Piercer that can implement a proper, sterile body piercing. I don’t have a current favorite body piercing but the more challenging the request the better. I love the instant gratification a body piercing gives both my client and myself. I think the piercing itself is an extension of the person it attaches itself to. I can’t wait to add a little “Flair” to your body. Come see me in Paradise!